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Pasak Bumi Research

Much of the Pasak Bumi research has been performed in Malaysia, but herbalists in Vietnam and Indonesia also have a great deal of expereience with it. And universities in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, and the United States also have been testing the effects of extracts of the tongkat ali root. To date, most of the completed studies involve animals, but human trials are now underway.

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Results thus far indicate that tongkat ali extract does indeed enhance male libido and sexual motivation, virility, penile erections, and sexual performance (Fundam. Clim. Pharmacol 2; 16(6):479-83, J. Basic Clim. Physiol. Pharmacol. 2:12(3):249-54, Adv. Contracept. Deliv. Syst 94:10(3-4): 355-63, Arch. Pharm. Res. 1;24(5):437-47, Fundam. Clim Pharmacol 1;15(4):265-8, Phytother Res 1;15(5):435-6, Exp. Anim00;49(1):35-8,Bio Pharm. Bull 98;21(2):153-5, Exp. Anim 97; 46(4) 287-90, Planta Med 95; 61(2): 177-8).

Like many traditional remedies, the exact mechanism by which Pasak Bumi enhances libido isn't fully known, so it will take more research to determine its full mode of action. The above studies have shown, however, that with increased dosing, the aqueous (water) extract of the root can increase testosterone levels by as much as 400 percent compared to base levels.

Some research also indicated increased growth in several of the male accessory organs after using Pasak Bumi for awhile.


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