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Pasak Bumi Lead Content

Indonesia Pasak Bumi usually has a lead content in the range of just 0.08 ppm to 0.12ppm.

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Malaysian tongkat ali root often is contaminated with lead. A team of Malaysian scientists has recently examined the lead content of Malaysian herbal supplements and found that some Malaysian tongkat ali products have such a high lead content that even on the Malaysian market, their sale is actually violating the law. This is definitely due to over industrialization the country has experienced over the past decade or two, when it was one of the world fastest growing economies.

The lead content of a good number Malaysian tongkat ali products has been found to range from 10.64 to 20.72 ppm (parts per million), due Malaysia rapid industrialization. For comparison, this means that every gram of the Malaysian tongkat ali named in an abstract of a scientific study contained up to 250 times the amount of lead found in Indonesian tongkat ali.

Futhermore, a considerable number of Malaysian tongkat ali products have been intercepted and taken off the shelves by the authorities of several countries for containing bootleg Viagra or Cialis. Instead of purchasing a healthier alternative to prescription drugs, many of those who have used Malaysian tongkat ali not only were fed synthetic chemicals. The synthetic chemicals were not even produced in a licensed manufacturing unit but cooked up in kitchen labs.


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