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Pasak Bumi Extract

Currently, a huge quantity Pasak Bumi Extract, chipped roots and powder is shipped from Indonesian to anywhere in the world every day.

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You can either consume Pasak Bumi extract directly, or you can prepare your own Pasak Bumi tea, with Pasak Bumi powder or chipped roots. Some people argued that the less processed a natural substance, the better its efficacy, and thus prefer chipped root or root powder. But, we recommend Pasak Bumi extract, as Pasak Bumi chipped root and root powder are not sterile. Therefore, the raw consumption of root powder is not recommended.

The traditional preparation of Pasak Bumi tea in Indonesia and Malaysia is to boil chipped roots as a tea. A standard dosage would be 50 gram of chipped root per person per day.

Please take not, if you are ordering Pasak Bumi extract from Western and Northern Europe, customs may occasionally request proof that health supplement capsules containing Pasak Bumi are currently sold in the respective country. No such reference is needed for Pasak Bumi chipped root or root powder.


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