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Pasak Bumi And TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone production normally begins to drop off after thirty years of age. This leads to a slowing of the metabolism, loss of muscle mass, lower energy levels, and decrease in sex drive and function. With all of these issues related to decreased testosterone production it is no wonder people look for ways to keep testosterone levels up.

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Many men and women with decreased sex drive or other sexual dysfunction issues seek help from their physician. One common treatment is to use testosterone replacement therapy. This involves injecting testosterone into the body to replace that which the body no longer produces. The problem with this approach is that the body reads the new level of testosterone and no longer strives to make its own. This approach does not correct the underlying problem of reduced production.

As a matter of fact, the renowned Mayo Clinic lists the following side effects with testosterone replacement therapy:

  • Cause skin reactions
  • Cause fluid retention
  • Cause baldness
  • Cause or aggravate sleep apnea (brief, repeated cessation of breathing during sleep)
  • Stimulate noncancerous (benign) growth of the prostate and cause or worsen urinary symptoms
  • Stimulate growth of prostate cancer that's already present
  • Enlarge breasts (gynecomastia)
  • Stimulate growth of breast cancer that's already present
  • Cause testicle shrinkage (testicular atrophy)
  • Limit sperm production (infertility)
  • Stimulate excess blood production (polycythemia)

Herbal supplementation that supports the body’s own production of testosterone, such as Pasak Bumi, helps to correct this problem naturally.

Herbal supplements generally are safer than pharmaceutical or hormonal therapies. However, Tongkat Ali does carry some possible side effects, especially with larger doses. These include restlessness, insomnia, anxiety and a slight decrease in immune functions. It is important to start out with small doses and only increase if no side effects are noted.


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